Organic Nano-Cube Technology

NOBLE skin care products are based on ONC technology
developed and patented by the nanotechnology company PanaceaNano, Inc.

Why NOBLE Products?

The effectiveness of skin care products is determined by the optimal delivery of active ingredients to work on the skin surface. Using green chemistry, novel and innovative ONC materials function as molecular storage boxes that store and release cosmetic active ingredients directly on to the skin in a selective and controlled manner. This enables the NOBLE skin care product line to have ten times longer treatment duration and effectiveness compared with other products in the market today.

Organic Nano-Cubes are safe, biodegradable, and edible nano-materials made up of carbohydrate molecules joined together to form hollow cubic crystals. These molecular cubes store a large supply of the active skin care ingredients and release them directly into the skin at predefined times with molecular precision.

Scientific data based on extensive lab testing has shown that NOBLE offers

  • Precise and controlled delivery of active skin care ingredients
  • Controlled extended-release formulation
  • Higher skin depth penetration
  • Improved protection of ingredients for longer product effectiveness

The plot below shows the amount of active skin care ingredient released to the skin over time. Skin care products using NOBLE patented technology have almost 10x longer time when skin care actives are working on the skin with an effective dose.

Plot showing the amount of active skin care ingredient released to the skin over time. Active ingredients in standard skin care products are depleted immediately after application. NOBLE skin care products use Organic Nano-Cubes to store a large supply of active ingredients for long-lasting, continual release of ingredients to the skin.


NOBLE skin care products contain Organic Nano-Cube (ONC) proprietary materials designed to optimally and precisely store and release active ingredients. NOBLE formulations have ingredients distributed inside and outside the ONCs for optimal release profiles. ONCs act as “nano-reservoirs” to provide a steady delivery.


Standard skin care products mix ingredients without optimization. Immediately after application, active ingredients are released to the skin with rapidly diminishing effects. The treatment period is very short.