About Noble

NOBLE, the most advanced and high-tech luxury anti-aging skin care product line for women, is the culmination of research developed by Sir Fraser Stoddart, company Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer.


Dr. Youssry Botros (Former Nanotechnology Research Director at Intel Corp.) and Sir Fraser Stoddart (2016 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry) co-founded PanaceaNano, a company that focuses on commercializing high performance, highly customized nano-delivery customized skin care platforms. PanaceaNano patented technology is based on a new class of porous, bio-degradable, Organic Nano-Cube (“ONC”) hollow crystals for encapsulation and controlled delivery skin care applications. PanaceaNano developed formulations that improve the delivery of active ingredients. The technology releases ingredients directly into the skin at a controlled rate for long-lasting treatment without the side effects of skin irritation resulting from uncontrolled exposure. PanaceaNano is launching its first set of anti-aging products under the NOBLE brand, which will mark the first time ever for consumers to experience products based on the novel ONC nanotechnology.


The method of delivery of the active ingredient of a topical cosmetic formulation determines the efficacy of the product. PanaceaNano developed and patented platforms and proprietary formulations for Organic Nano-Cube (ONC) based skin care that can host and store active ingredients for anti-aging skin care products that will significantly improve their effectiveness and benefits. ONC stores and releases the ingredients at the molecular level and directly delivers them into the skin at a controlled rate for long-lasting treatment.

ONC formulated into topical skin care products have shown higher cumulative release of ingredients into the skin at a steady release rate that can provide much longer anti-aging effect than other products. Other nano-particle formulations do not exhibit the same performance enhancement as NOBLE ONC technology. The major factor that improves the effectiveness of an anti-aging product is how well and how long these ingredients penetrate the consumers’ skin. The technological improvements in anti-aging skin care delivery that PanaceaNano demonstrates boosts the anti-aging skin care product performance.


Dr. Youssry Botros, Founder and CEO, PanaceaNano
Dr. Botros spent 16 years at Intel Corporation where he focused on and directed research on nano-scale material systems and their emerging applications such as green nano-technologies, among other areas of research. He was assigned by Intel to be the Executive Director of both the Functional Engineered Nano-Architectonics (FENA) Focus Center and the Western Institute of Nano-electronics (WIN). Before being assigned to FENA/WIN, he spent five years at the Microprocessor (Logic) Technology Development Group at Intel, working on Nano-patterning.

Dr. Botros has more than 120 journal papers published in top journals and magazines (including Science and Nature), more than 400 conference papers, 4 book chapters, and 10 patents.

Sir Fraser Stoddart, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, PanaceaNano
Winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, he is an American chemist who is on the Board of Trustees, Professor of Chemistry and head of the Stoddart Mechanostereochemistry Group in the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University. He works in the area of supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology. Stoddart was appointed a Knight Bachelor in December 2006 by Queen Elizabeth II.

In 2007, he received the Albert Einstein World Award of Science in recognition of his outstanding and pioneering work in molecular compounds. The list of his other awards, honors and memberships can be provided upon request.